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Think Smart Learning Systems believes in creating a space from which families can set free their full potential and thrive. We provide the resources you need to cultivate a life of quality, connecting you with state-of-the-art technology and communities that encourage a healthy home, an empowering education, and the glow of giving and receiving.


Learn better

Boost your family’s knowledge and confidence with iTutor Learning Systems, which has been tried and tested by educators and families for over two decades. Make education more motivating, interesting and effective with us.


Feel better

Get what you give – join Australia’s largest online community of giving with Kare Kard. Support your cause of choice, make a positive social impact, and get instant rewards from some of the biggest brand names in Australia.

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Make smart choices

It takes a village to raise a family – we’ve built your village for you.

Since 2013, we’ve been supporting families to breathe and live better, learn better, and feel better. We continue to support families to make better choices.

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iTutor Learning Systems brings school into your home through its professional educational software with tutor support for parents and students.
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Kare Kard

Join Australia’s largest online community of giving with Kare Kard, and receive instant gratification from brand name national retailers.
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